Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's new in my life.

So I know I have not used this blog in what feels like ages. However I thought it best to use this since I have it automatically update on my facebook profile as a note. I figured if someone didn't know about this blog they should at least be friends with me on facebook. How many people actually read notes on facebook...well if they are like how I have been for the past few months (a Luddite!) well I doubt that it would amount to much reading on the computer.

But for any of my friends that I feel as if I abandoned y'all back in NC...feel free to see what I've been up to back home in Louisville, KY. I have been working about 6 months now at UPS here in Louisville. They are awesome for the fact that they pay for your schooling at the local colleges. Including the one I plan to attend in the fall, Boyce College, used to be called Boyce Bible College. (I'm still working on the application. :-P)

I have come back to the world of social media mainly because of this prayer group I have joined at work. Saw a friend from my high school Alma mater, Samantha W. She told me about it and invited me to join them. I've never been so sure of God's providence before in my life. And that coming from a self-professed Armenian! ;-) I honestly feel as if this is something God wants me involved with...and I have shared with them, it has been a very long time since I've prayed with hearing people. Ever since I've left Gardner-Webb last year I have been going to my little Deaf church. While I do get fellowship with my Christian family...it was very odd actually speaking a prayer a front of other people, considering how long it has been since I last spoke a prayer in a group.

For y'all that didn't know, I had worked at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom last summer in their Food Dept. I thought I was going to work there again, but that didn't happen. But at least I have UPS. I am thankful to God for it. :)
I feel like that is the most important stuff that has happened in my life recently.
Oh! My church is having a very important business meeting this coming Sunday. We will be voting on some important stuff...(I just thought it best not to post exactly what we will be voting on as not to spread information needlessly, if you're supposed to know you should know.) Please pray for my church, Louisville Baptist Deaf Church, that God will give us guidance in whatever direction He wishes us to go, that the church will be of one mind when we vote and that there be no dissension in the church because of whatever outcome God wills. Thanks! :)

If anybody actually reads this and has any questions, I will be more then glad to answer them as best as I can...

P.S. To Phillip Mitchell, if it makes you feel better I was hoping that Duke would have lost to make you happy. ;)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My thoughts on Twilight among other things...

Well I have decided on this lovely Saturday to finally type out my thoughts on Twilight. The teenage vampire cycle written by a Mrs. Stephanie Myers. I have been meaning to do so for some time now, just with the hustle and bustle of school I have been far to busy to do so until now. Just so y'all know, I am doing this without an outline or any prompt of some kind....thought it would be nice to warn y'all. :-)

Ah...Twilight, well technically is the title of the first of the four book series. All the books were well written, I will give her that much. However the fact that it only took me maybe 3-4 days to read all 4, well I tend to prefer much more "meaty" writings. For example, Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, took me a little over 2 weeks to read. Now that was some good reading! Back to Twilight, I have decided to forgo any pleasantries of trying to not give you plot spoilers, for me to truly express myself I will have to reveal various parts of the plot. So if you haven't read Twilight and plan to in the near future, well maybe you should turn back now.

My main problem with Twilight is this: Twilight is an unrealistic portrayal of love. You have Bella a teenage girl, she moves to Fork, MN to live with her father. She meets this guy, Edward Cullen. Little does she know, he is actually a vampire. (A sparkly one at that...won't even go into my problems with that avaunt garde approach to Vampire Lore.) To summarize the first book, she is in love with Edward...why? Because he make her FEEL all tingly inside. Okay...so she is a teenager, I will give her that much, most teenagers don't think to hard when it comes to "love" and things of that nature. But I think love should be more than a feeling. I know I sound like a cold-hearted person, but maybe I am just being even more romantic than Bella. If you love a guy, I think it should be based on something stronger than he makes your body go all mushy. To me, what Bella feels is lust, not love.

Another problem I have with Bella is this, she is way to negative about herself. She goes on and on about how she doesn't deserve Edward in the books. She practically sounds like she is mentally depressed the way she thinks in the book. I think this girl needs a spine replacement, and stat. A girl doesn't need to measure her worth by the guy...or in this case, vampire she is with at the time. If Bella was a real live girl, I would want to slap along side the head and try to explain to her how much she is truly worth. The reason being is we are created by God. God determines our worth, not our significant other. If God is willing to give up His only son for us...I think we might be worth more then what we realize.

Well the library is about to close...so I am going to post this part now. Hopefully I will be able to put some more of my thoughts on Twilight up here soon. Hope y'all have a good weekend! :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Been Long Time...

Um, wow, just randomly checked my blog and noticed I had not put anything up in what feels like forever. I'm still not sure if that's good or bad. I think instead of going on and on...I might share some poetry. For some reason recently I have been quite poetic. Well as of late I have been going through a bit of writer's block, but hopefully I will get out of that soon. I haven't wrote titles for all of them yet. Maybe I will make them up as I go? Well here's to the first one...

Who am I?
I'm undefinable as a cloud on a windy day.
Floating and moving along in an indefinable way.
You may try to put me in a box
But trust me I will escape
Every wisp of me lives to state
An uniqueness of my own, all of my own
The label of white middle class American, I find never suited
Me, a person with such unique proportions
Raised in a Deaf church even though my ears work fine
A die hard republican with friends of the liberal kind
Why God saw fit to make me...
I doubt I'll ever know
But this cloud will remain undefinable no matter where I go.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A most eventful day...

well out of all the events that has happen to me this summer I felt the need to post about this one the most. Today, at work (yes the lovely Waffle House) my wallet got stolen. Inside was my 2 debit cards, SS #, state ID, insurance card, my GWU ID, and about 2 dollars and some change.

I found out about it pretty quickly. The interesting way is how...a deaf lady came into the Waffle House trying to sell key chains for cancer, they cost about $2; well I had just served my first customers and had not gotten any tip money yet. So I went to the back to go look in my purse to get some money. Well when I walked to the back I saw that my purse was unzipped, that was the first hint of trouble tome. When I looked inside I could not find it...then I knew. it was stolen. I immediately freaked out and almost started to cry. Called my mum and tried to call one of the banks to turn off the card. Got that taken care of...but eventually the other bank called my house to verify some purchases that had occurred with my card. my mom gave them my work number and I was able to talk to them.
Whoever stole the wallet stopped by a pawn shop, McDonald's, a nail place, and they tried to pay off a T-Mobile phone bill. The last 2 from my understanding got declined.

What I feel about the whole issue...I'm not sure anymore. I'm just glad they won't get any of my money that was set aside for college. I don't think I could handle that, it almost being comparable to losing my sight or hands.

I'm sure God will take of it. And for this I am thankful.
Hope your days are better then mine,
Joannis :-)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Going back to school! Yikes!

Just lettng y'all know that preperations are underway for my 2nd year at GWU. School supplies and dorm supplies...things I need like more laundry soap. Also I invested in a computer for myself. Should be intresting this year doing papers.
ttyl! :-) Joannis